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I am sorry to say that I haven't done much work on any of my projects lately. It is partially related to the hosting move, but mostly due to lack of time and wanting to do other things with my spare time. I am however ending this hiatus.

Ewts really needs a harness for measuring test success, which is proving to be trickier due to some of the tests having peculiar ways of failing or succeeding. I am thinking of using TAP. There seems to be a shortage of php TAP code, so that might not work.

The N810 is suffering from a temperamental touch screen so I have had little motivation to work on that too. I did open the unit up (finding size 4&5 torx bits is tricker than you think) and checked the touch screen connection, but it wasn't loose. I also checked for stuck bits along the edge of the touch screen, but alas no luck. I might have to get it repaired. I did however come across some useful links/files for anyone that intends to open or tamper with the physical side of the N810

So it's almost been a month since the last update. The maemo-sdk+ project guys have closed every bug report I have opened, but one and all the .deb packages have finally been compiled. HOWEVER... Maemo-sdk has several dependencies, such as sb2-qemu-arm which.. *drumroll* is not available for Ubuntu Hardyx64.
So it's back to the compile farm while I port more packages, although I think the cross compiler tools might leave me out of my depth if I run into issues. Nor do I intend to become a Ubuntu package maintainer either. So, dear lazyweb, please port these packages for me during the next two weeks and leave me a comment.

Links to the new debs are as follows:
As previously promised I have been working on porting some software to the Nokia N810 internet tablet, unfortunately the SDK is not available for 64 bit systems, so I have been working on getting amd64 versions of the packages available for Ubuntu. So far I have not been able to compile them all, but it yeilding some bug reports and progress is being made. Thus I present you with the following packages;

There is no guarantee that the compiled code will run, once I get all the needed packages compiled I will be able to attempt execution.

Nokia N810 hacking software

I am happy to announce that I will be starting a biweekly project. Porting useful applications to the Nokia N810 internet tablet on a fortnightly basis. It is my intention to release all the ported applications via The N810 really suits my needs, but could clearly benefit from a helping hand in the penetration testing arena, something I hope to change.
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