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Post mortems - Wargames

With smpCTF looming I thought I would link to these excellent "post mortems" from
CCDC 2010 and Reiners exploiting past sql filters, something we have seen in the last two codegate and owaspeu10 challenges...
CCDC 2010 - Part1
CCDC 2010 - Part 2
Reiners - Exploitiing hard filtered sql injection article
smp Capture The Flag (CTF), 2010 Hacker Olympics, is a contest designed by "hackers" and "security enthusiasts" for the like to battle it out against each other over a highly sugar induced weekend. In the smpCTF Hacker Olympics teams and individuals are put up against other teams from around the globe in the same environment with the same objectives and a mission to accomplish.

Do you have what it takes to compete...?

More details at dates and times have not yet been decided.

I picked this one up via twitter. It informs me that I solved #14, not #08. Which I don't doubt it correct. I solved it at like 3am after having had a pretty full on day starting at 6am or so. Anyway, it's a great write up and contains much of the actual challenges as well as the attempted solutions.I made a local mirror at codegate2009.pdf. I still think my description of problem #08 (#14, whatever) is more in depth, but it was a pretty simple challenge.
As usual I'm a little behind on the blogging. The results from the first round of codegate are up, you can see them at On of the CLGT members posted a post event summary from his perspective at

I noticed that I got blog hits from people looking for clues or solutions through google et al. I didn't get a team and had several other commitments, so I thought I would post the only challenge I got around to solving...#8. Solution after the break.

Codegate 09 is great!

I started late, don't have a team and won't have time to attempt everything due to commitments. So far the challenges have been great. Solved some, completely stumped on others and staying up far too late. I will definitely be there for the next one!!! I hope the challenges will stay up for a while so I can attend the harder ones at a better pace. The challenges are currently open via
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