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Since my iphone is a company phone, jailbreak was never an option. I'm surprised to see the amount of terrible "tether your iphone by jailbreaking it" guides there is out there. I suppose at some stage there was no decent driver in sight. ANyway, this is how you tether the iphone by installing third party compiled binaries.

First we add the third party repository and update the apt cache (this has security implications, so don't cry if your wall paper suddenly changes to tubgirl):
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
Then we install the required modules (accept the dependencies):
    sudo apt-get install gvfs ipheth-utils
This will install and insmod the ipheth driver. Make sure that internet sharing is enabled on your iphone and plug it in. It should show up as a wired connection. If something went wrong check your dmesg. I have experience timeouts on TX which caused it not to initialize. Replugging did the trick.


I've been doing some blog maintenance, updating old posts, spam prevention changes and publishing more pages. If anyone got their RSS feed spammed, I'm sorry.
That's all.

Github just made my day

As much as I needed to read some source code revision history, this made me smile.

All I can say is failicorn > failwhale!

Worlds greatest shave

I'm taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave 2010. Please sponsor me! The funds we raise will help the Leukaemia Foundation to provide practical care and support to patients and families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have blacked out my blog. It's an hour before midnight, but I'd like to get some sleep so I started a little early. If you haven't blacked out your website or blog yet then I recommend that you do it now.

For my first wintereenmas based post I have decided to share a farmville cheat. It takes advantage of a timing overlap when visiting a neighbours farm. After you click to visit a neighbours farm, but before the help a friend window appears click to visit the same neighbour again. Again, before the help a friend window appears click to visit the neighbours farm. Keep visiting the neighbour before the window appears. It will load overlapping help a friend windows which you can then repeatedly click for endless, instant amounts of 5xp and 20 gold. Granted the gold isn't that much, but the xp quickly adds up.

How the cheat works should be made quite clear in this video I recorded on a new account (you have to complete the tutorial for this to work);

The cheat no longer works as displayed in the video. If you log back into the account you will be level 0. Publishing the links for leveling may let the neighbours of the cheating farmer get the leveling bonus. Gifting may also work. I haven't bothered testing. You can keep going indefinitely, I just stopped because I hit a lag spike.

Happy wintereenmas (2010)

It is that time of the year again and as a member of the nintendo generation I am planning to celebrate wintereenmas with some solid gaming sessions. I will also be posting some game related articles on the blog. However as I am participating in the internet blackout during the week of wintereenmas I have decided to move the gaming extravaganza forward. So over the next week I will be making early wintereenmas posts and spreading wintereenmas cheers.

I'll start by plugging these websites;
A gaming oriented blog run by a former colleague and friend. Topics range from board games to online games.
League of Legends website with detailed guides, hero, items and recipe info and more.

Welcome to the new decade

It's a new year, a new decade and already it's had it's ups and downs. I still haven't completed my redesign, but it's coming together slowly and should be ready soon.

The Australian government's mandatory censorship is still a big concern for me. The biggest activist event this month is the Australian internet blackout protest and Australia day protest parties. The January 30th capital city protests were moved to Saturday March 6th (As noted on the facebook event page

I strongly encourage you to participate in the internet blackout and other protests. For more details on the internet blackout, go to

Stopping the cleanfeed

If you, like me is concerned about the governments proposed cleanfeed, then TAKE ACTION.


Vote in smh's poll

Sign this petition

Add Conroy to Santa's naughty list

Write to a minister and get them to take action

Sign this petition too;

Participate in the online and offline blackout protest

Add a twibbon to your twitter avatar

Chime in at BorB, get the attention of ACS

She might be with the ALP, but she is listening. Leave a comment on kate Lundy's blog;

For further calls to action and news, stay tuned at

Check back here for some more tools and filter bypass tutorials in the new year
Making me publish this stupid post and managing yet another login to a site I don't personally use. Ok, so maybe it's not such a bad idea to allow blog claiming, and supporting logins... BUT they should be able to index blogs without having someone make a claim, or at the very least allow the authorization to be added as a html comment or as a separate file. I suppose they consider the forced posting to be a marketing tool. To me it tastes awful...


Photo stream

Created a photobucket account and uploaded some content that won't make it into blog posts, but might still be of interest to some. Starting albums include some strret views of the google street view car & rigg (periscope build) and beers with @cmlh and @snyff at the eureka belgian beer cafe. Check it out at
Ok, so this post might be a sell out, but since none of the movable type seo advice tutorials I've seen so far do it right I thought it was time for someone (me) to do better. I assume you have done some research so I won't go through the purpose of the meta tags. In this example I will be adding author, keywords and description meta tags.

In your entry template find the line <mtsetvarblock name="html_head"> and add the following lines.
<meta name="author" content="<$MTEntryAuthor$>" />
<meta name="keywords" content="<$MTEntryKeywords encode_html="1"$>" />
<meta name="description" content="<$MTEntryExcerpt encode_html="1"$>" />
Do the same for the page template, but use the variables MTPageAuthorDisplayName, MTPageKeywords and MTPageExcerpt.

The final result should look like;

[Entry template]
<mtsetvarblock name="html_head">
<meta name="author" content="<$MTEntryAuthor$>" />
<meta name="keywords" content="<$MTEntryKeywords encode_html="1"$>" />
<meta name="description" content="<$MTEntryExcerpt encode_html="1"$>" />

[Page template]
<MTSetVarBlock name="html_head">
<meta name="author" content="<$MTPageAuthorDisplayName$>" />
<meta name="keywords" content="<$MTPageKeywords encode_html="1"$ >" />
<meta name="description" content="<$MTPageExcerpt encode_html="1"$>" />

The big difference between my method and most others is that I supply the encode_html directive. This means that if your entry contains html tokens, such as the double quote (") it will be encoded as &qout; inside the meta tags, rather than breaking your html which the " by itself would do.

For the index lists, such as the index page, archives, author entry list and so forth I would recommend using static content for seo. The reason for this is that the MT tags we have just used are context sensitive. So if you used the entry tags in the author list it would only display the content of the last entry for this author due to the context.

Good luck!
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