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I attended this months OWASP Melbourne meeting. It's been a while since I attended one and the talks this month were too good to miss.

Matthew Hackling - Australian Prudential Practice Guide 234
I missed the start of this thanks to my reading comprehension which saw me waste $4 on parking at Deloitte's old offices in QV. I'll be following the development on this closely.

The second presentation was
Richard Farrell - Static Source Code Analysis - What, why, when and how?
Although the world of static analysis hasn't had any earth shattering break throughs lately it was very good to see how the enterprise solution integrate and work. I wish I'd had more time to stay around and play, perhaps another time,

OWASP Melbourne 2009

So the next Melbourne OWASP meeting is just around the corner. Unfortunately it seems they are inclined to keep most meetings at times where I cannot attend. My own fault for not being a city rat I guess. I will try to make it onto the circuit this year. Perhaps I should do a presentation on ewts once I get some useful data in there.
No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia
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