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Ruxcon 2012

If you're familiar with the Ruxcon security conference then this is proabably just repeating what you already know. However, if you are not familiar with the conference, then I strongly suggest you check it out, and not just because I'm presenting this year. It is an excellent conference! Traditionally it delivers a strong lineup of technical, in-depth presenters who know their subject well and delivers valuable information.

The details of my presentation are on the Ruxcon website. Hope to see you there!
As promised I have uploaded the slides and the corresponding advisory for my graudit talk at the ruxcon meetup this month.

I am presenting at this months Ruxcon Monthly Meetup.

Date: Friday, 25th June
Time: 6:00PM
Location: RMIT University, City Campus
Room: Building 8, Level 9, Room 42 (008.09.042)

RMIT Building 8 entrance is off Swanston Street (just past Swanston and
La Trobe). Please take the lift to Level 9 and make your way to Room 42.
We will have directions posted up in the building.


Unsanitary Web Activities - Tim Noise (MovingData)

In the land of the internet, web developers are constantly rolling out
new applications and letting them free into the Internet. Many with
little knowledge or experience in security. They assume the users will
provide data in a manner they expect. This talk will cover webapp
security basics and commonplace attacks, showing you the effect this
oversight can have, and how to prevent it.

Pownage Coquillage: Real World Tales From The Trenches - Sash Biskup

In this talk the presenter will discuss various security incidents he
has been involved in during the course of his career. Starting with old
school bof through to modern day malware and blackmail. This isn't a
deep technical analysis of each incident but an overview of the
charateristics of each of the attacks and what the repurcussions were to
the organisation or individual.

Static analysis with Graudit - Eldar Marcussen

Graudit is a rough audit tool, that can be used to find vulnerabilities
in source code (C, ASP, .NET, JSP, PHP, Perl and Python). In this
presentation I will show how to get the most out of graudit.

From Chris Spencer on the ruxcon mailing list:

As part of a new initiative, the Ruxcon Team in conjunction with RMIT Information Security Collective, have established a monthly meeting in Melbourne. The aim of the meeting is to encourage individuals to perform a short presentation on computer security or a related topic in front of a small audience. The monthly meetings are open to everyone and free to attend.

The presentations are intended to be short (between 5-20 minutes), a projector and screen will be provided. We encourage participation from everyone and hope to see a variety of presentations over the coming months. Any topic is welcome, a presentation could be as simple as speaking for 5 minutes about a project you are currently working on, or day to day work tasks within your given field.

If you are interested in participating please email us at ruxcon ruxcon org au.

Please join us on Friday and help make the kickoff a success!

Details for the kickoff:

Date: Friday, 23rd April
Time: 6:00pm
Location: RMIT University, City Campus
Room 008.09.041 (Building 8, Level 9, Room 41)


  • SQL Injections 101 - Louis Nyffenegger (@snyff)
  • Malware Analysis for Incident Response - Ash Fox
  • Binary Analysis Basics - Chris Spencer
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