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Stopping the cleanfeed

If you, like me is concerned about the governments proposed cleanfeed, then TAKE ACTION.


Vote in smh's poll

Sign this petition

Add Conroy to Santa's naughty list

Write to a minister and get them to take action

Sign this petition too;

Participate in the online and offline blackout protest

Add a twibbon to your twitter avatar

Chime in at BorB, get the attention of ACS

She might be with the ALP, but she is listening. Leave a comment on kate Lundy's blog;

For further calls to action and news, stay tuned at

Check back here for some more tools and filter bypass tutorials in the new year
Making me publish this stupid post and managing yet another login to a site I don't personally use. Ok, so maybe it's not such a bad idea to allow blog claiming, and supporting logins... BUT they should be able to index blogs without having someone make a claim, or at the very least allow the authorization to be added as a html comment or as a separate file. I suppose they consider the forced posting to be a marketing tool. To me it tastes awful...


The changes to package kit which allows non privileged users to install fedora signed packages without escalation privileges makes me glad I'm not a fedora user. There is just a crapton of potential for breakage and security abuse bundled in here and since I'm a reasonable fellow I will even supply some examples

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia
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